a extra heartbeat

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....with a smile
Today was one of those days I felt that little extra heartbeat for being an au pair.
In the morning I left my little one at growingroom. After I said goodbye he ran after me and said "Amanda Amanda", then he gave me a hug and a kiss. For him, we didn't say goodbye without it. I walked away smiling, because it made me so happy that he came running for me.
Tonight I was watching my older ones third grade concert. I was crying, because I was so proud over him for doing such a great job with playing, singing and dancing. I know how hard he has been practicing, so to see that made me so happy.

 These moments is making me appreciate it a lot and everything we are sharing, is moments I will remember. I don't think I will ever understand how much my au pair job means to me, it is something special and what I and the children is having between each other is so much love.
And I love my hostkids, so much ♥